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Acupressurre is a massage done using the finger pressure to assemble inner self or life force energy at specific spots on the body is known as the acupressure points and it is also known as acupuncture, and the therapy method is based on the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupressure massage is the relaxation experience by combining the acupuncture with massage therapy. Acupressure message is one of the oldest healing art and mainly focuses on relieving pain and distress as well as it react to tension before it increase into a disease. When the pain parts in the body are pressed they promote the circulation of the blood and release the muscular tension.

At Avahan Spa and Training Centre, we are keen to offer a state of the art facility to provide massage services. So if you are looking for Acupressure Massage and Training in Kolkata then feel free to make call on: (033)-40042725, (033)-40679091

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